The affiliate program of Licensed Online Casino, Biamo Partners, have gained quite a fame in a short period of their service in this industry. They are known for their service in gambling and betting verticals among all the players in the industry.

So far, we have heard about the success of this affiliate program in a very short time. Let’s see a detailed review of the features and benefits of using Biamo Partners. So, without any further delay, let’s get into the review to know more.


  • No Delayed Payouts
  • No Negative Carryover
  • Lifetime Commissions Option
  • Wide Range of Payment Gateways


  • Minor Admin fees
  • No Sub Affiliation Opportunities Yet

Commission Process

We all know how the commission process works, but Biamo Partners offer you 3 in particular – CPA, revenue sharing or even a Hybrid model. The commission depends on the amount of high-quality traffic the affiliates can bring to one’s casino website. However, this traffic must be a potential customer and make their first payment.

This opens the doors for Biamo Partners to shine and gain the maximum share. A lifetime commission option can also be availed if the players are regular at the casino. With this simple and uncomplicated commission process, it is really easy to get a good commission.

Now, what about the amount? Your partnership deal can settle on a fixed amount or you can take a percentage of the NGR as well. The whole process is customised to give you the best deal possible.

Special Features of Biamo Partners

Biamo Partners comes with a set of special features that makes it a favorite for a reason. First things first, the affiliate acts as a direct advertiser for the casino and sportsbook itself. This means there are no unnecessary third parties. The promotions also help to attract more players to their website and encourage them to participate.

Another special feature of Biamo Partners is that it accepts traffic from all over the world. So, no players are restricted to view and visit the casinos that are promoted on their site. On top of that, promo codes are also provided for advertising.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the 3 types of partnership strategies are offered by Biamo Partners- RevShare, CPA, and Hybrid. And for the RevShare strategy, they provide a payout of up to 60%.

Sub Affiliation

This amazing affiliate program doesn’t come with a sub-affiliation. But, that can be overlooked, as you still have the chance to earn more if you get more players at the end of the day.

Payment Details

The payments can be processed through bank wire transfers, capitalist methods, or cryptocurrencies. However, other options are also accepted on request if needed. The payments are delivered within the starting five days of the month. Not to mention, there is a predetermined threshold for each payment method monthly.

Customer Support

Biamo partners have arranged an active customer support system that responds almost immediately to solve any query and clear doubts. Good customer support is helpful on so many levels, which has been ensured by Biamo Partners.

Software Details

The program uses Proprietary software through which the affiliates can easily keep track of the money they earn. They can also know how much commission they are getting for how many players and so on!


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